Nocton Reservoir

Nocton Reservoir

Beeswax Dyson has recently been awarded a Rural Payments Agency EAFRD Grant to support the creation of a 45 million gallon reservoir and crop irrigation system that will improve quality and productivity and expand certain areas of the farming business, enabling the more efficient management and protection of our valuable water resource.

The increased unpredictability of the UK climate, has led to a growing need to consider both water resources and water management for the future. Beeswax Dyson currently has a license for abstraction of water from the River Witham and Carr Dyke in the summer months, the reservoir will enable a large proportion of the 53.3 million gallons of summer extraction to be converted to winter peak flow extraction. The benefits are twofold:

  • Reduced abstraction required during dryer periods which limits the impact on aquatic environments and wildlife – particularly within the historically important Carr Dyke and the Dunston Beck which has recently undergone extensive restoration by the Wild Trout Trust and Lincolnshire Rivers Trust
  • Improved security of water supply during the summer months to ensure quality of food and renewable energy crops grown at Nocton

Beeswax Dyson have been corresponding with the Environment Agency and the Internal Drainage Board in recent years about converting summer abstraction to winter peak flow abstraction as this will benefit the environment generally. Having the right flow in our rivers and protecting groundwater levels is essential to supporting ecological networks, enhancing natural resilience to drought, and ensuring that rivers continue to support well being and recreation. Sustainable water abstraction is therefore essential to ensure that river flows and groundwater levels support wildlife and natural resilience.

The reservoir is due to be completed by the end of 2019 and will cost around £1.6m, the grant funding will contribute approximately a third toward the total cost. Three local contracting companies have been appointed to carry out various elements of the work, in total 10 people will be employed full time for the duration of the project.


Project name: Beeswax Dyson Farming Ltd – Construction of approximately 45 million gallon reservoir, pumphouse and ring main at Nocton, Lincolnshire

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